We are in search of motivated students to join our group in pursuit of research in one of the following areas: 

  • hybrid modeling, digital twins
  • applied math, numerical linear algebra, and PDEs
  • turbulence modeling
  • geophysical fluid dynamics
  • high performance computing
  • heterogeneous computing 
  • emerging multiscale methods
  • numerical analysis
  • artificial intelligence/machine learning
  • image processing & signal processing
  • model order reduction & optimization
  • data assimilation, UQ & inverse problems
  • physiological system modeling
  • multiphase & multimaterial flows
  • massively separated flows
  • boundary layer flows
  • hydrodynamic instability
  • dynamic meteorology and numerical weather forecasting
Several graduate research assistantships are available for PhD students. If interested in, please send an email to me. 

Omer San

PS, students must first be admitted into the School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE)'s degree programsInformation on MAE graduate program admissions can be found here

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